Monday, October 13, 2008

Veggie week - updates

Hello folks,

So how did you get on last week?

I quite enjoyed it actually, had roasted beetroot which was nice, and lost 2kgs as well. Saying that, it was great eating a mountain of sausages yesterday.

So plus points from last week:
- I actually like vegetables although avocado, swede, sweetcorn and mushrooms are horrible and should be illegal.
- Quorn is a pretty good substitute for meat and is healthy
- I lost weight

Negative points:
My own methane emmissions were definitely up...

How about you? Time to get some feedback and experiences from you all...

More soon... This week is all about water, but I am supposed to be working right now so we'll get on to that tonight (or as soon as I get bored of working again).

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