Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Green greens...

Well hello there,

Been a while! Must admit, I haven't been busy, just being very lazy. Luckily, a lot of this environmental stuff does point to a 'Less is More' attitude, so I like to think that by sitting around in my pants watching TV most of the weekend I did my bit.

So how did you get on with last weeks challenge? After declaring war on plastic bags I haven't used one for over a month now (except that one last week which was old, full of holes and left me in so much fear for my bottle of rum and coke that I opted to drink it as quickly as possible - and recycled the bottles)

I guess with these challenges it is important to remember that by trying something we are making changes. Some of them might not stick, but I think the war on plastic has begun and I shall endeavour to keep it up...

So on to this weeks challenge, and another reason why I am late writing this... Did you know that one of the biggest problem with the enviroment is caused by the meat industry? The methane (yes, this is farting and burping) produced by cows makes the emmissions from planes seem tiny by comparison. Add to this the devastation of forests and the cost (environmental) of bringing a burger to your plate, it is a scary beast indeed.

Did I ever mention I am actually scared of cows? Really give me the heebyjeebies!!!

However, I do love eating them!

So the challenge this week is to try and cut down the meat you eat. Try to go veggie for a day (or longer if you want). Especially, try to do it when you are going out so it makes a difference (lunch in Belgium is not easy either)

I am also pretty scared of horses, but don't eat those!

Oh, and the other reason I am writing this on Tuesday was that I had a lovely chicken soup last night.

Good luck, tell me your successes, failures, veggie recipes and experiences. Feel free to send me your ideas for future challenges too!!!

Sheep can't be trusted...


Toby Godman said...

So I wrote that, walked out the office and immediately tried to order a chicken sarnie!!! D'oh!!!

Luckily, changed to cheese just in time.

Sarah Godman said...

I nearly bought ham for lunch today, then luckily remembered in time and bought cheese instead. Would be interested in finding out some more facts and figures about the meet industry and also about fish too!

Sarah Godman said...

Sorry, meant MEAT industry

Toby Godman said...




There is loads more out there!

Toby Godman said...

Alternatively, for the MEET industry, try speeddating.com

(or don't as YOU ARE MY WIFE!!!!)

Gillian Ingram said...

So - I'll have to think about the meat thing but I have been very impressed that Cardiff council has obviously be reading your blog and this week have issued us with little food waste recycle bins so that we can now recycle vertially everything possible. Also (good news for Sarah) they gave us these degradable plastic bags - very envirnomentally freindly and also very good if you had a roll you could pack your fruit and veg in them at the supermarket! Might save on taking plastic tubs!

Sarah Godman said...

Good for Cardiff council!!!

Toby Godman said...

Right, I want to extend this a bit, who can find (and eat) the oddest veg or fruit this week... On Friday we'll be having beetroot leaves.

Sarah Godman said...

Could we have a challenge on this next week? And you, Toby, can go if you're in Brussels and report back to us all.

Lundi 13 octobre à 20h :
Débat/Discussion ( in english)
It’s time to give up bottled water

Proposed by Friends of the Earth

Americans consume about 29 billion water bottles a year. In order to make all these bottles, manufacturers use 17 million barrels of crude oil. That’s enough oil to keep a million cars going for twelve months.
Worldwide, 2.7 million tonnes of plastic is used every year by the bottled water industry. And not many bottles are recycled - perhaps 20% in USA, 10% in UK. The rest go to landfills or incineration ... or are just thrown away in the countryside or in the ocean.
Around a quarter of the 90 billion litres of bottled water drunk each year is consumed outside the country of origin. It is flown and shipped around the world, from France, Italy and Norway at best, from Japan and Fiji at worst, creating millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases.

Friends of the Earth already runs many campaigns on climate change. Is it time for a dedicated campaign on bottled water in Brussels? Come along and discuss.

Entrée libre – Renseignements : info@friendsoftheearth.be

Toby Godman said...

I'm not around, but think it is an excellent idea!!!