Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oops... and a look forward to Christmas

Ok, well I have procrastinated enough, but finally have to come clean, I didn't make it to the tree planting. A mix up in planning (I hadn't planned to drink all that rum) meant that I forgot to set my alarm clock and was generally in too much of a weakened state to find the place. I did try to cycle up there and find everyone though but at the end of the day, VERY POOR!!

So instead of lots of lovely pictures of people planting trees it is all just text again. (I could post a picture of me looking befuddled and sorrowful...)

However, it did sound like the day was a great success, so well done to all those that were a lot better than me!

Now, onto Christmas... tricky one this, Christmas must be a nightmare for all the proper environmentalists. I tend to reconcile myself with the payoff that, yes, ok it does have 14 tons of plastic packaging, has been made in sweat shops somewhere poor and horrible and has been flown half way round the world to get here, BUT AREN'T THE FLASHY LIGHTS AND GO FASTER STRIPES COOL!!!!

Not this year though. This year I shall be thinking about recycling and more importantly PREcycling.

More soon, but there is an interesting article about precycling here:

Any thoughts and tips on how to make this Christmas as environmatally friendly as possible, please let me know...

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